Welcome to Organically You Yoga

Here, students are empowered to nurture the roots of their own organic awareness,
to cultivate knowledge and compassion as they explore the pathways of yoga,
and to thrive in the truth of their bodies exactly as they are.
My classes are about helping you find your yoga.

I teach gentle, Hatha-inspired classes strongly influenced by the Desikachar traditions. Students are encouraged
to move slowly, reflecting upon how the body responds, to notice any patterns of thoughts, or which feelings arise.
The focus is to allow the breath to be the wellspring of movement, smooth and steady. Just as our bodies change
day-to-day, each student’s yoga will be different mat-to-mat, and week-to-week.

I cultivate a warm, light-hearted environment of curiosity rather than judgement, respect rather than expectation.

Make time to gather, within yourself and with others.
Reflect upon who, what, and why you are.
Connect with yourself, with others, and the world around you.