Nerine bioMy yoga journey began approximately 17 years ago. I was searching for a way to relieve stress and had heard yoga was a good solution. What I discovered each time I left class, was that I felt calm, renewed, and confident my troubles could be addressed with an improved clarity of thought. As years passed, I explored a variety of classes including Yin, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Restorative, and Hatha, finding each had something of value to offer even if the style did not suit me long-term.

Finally in 2013, I was encouraged to consider teaching and completed the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) Foundation Course with Tarik Dervish. Inspired by his font of knowledge and enriching teaching methodology, I determined becoming an instructor was appropriate for me, though it was not a decision I arrived at casually. In 2015, I acquired my first teaching certification with Silver Age Yoga, specialists of senior yoga. Selecting a quality teacher training program entails research, discernment, and candour in order to recognise which trainers will bring out the best in each trainee; my patience was rewarded. Under the tutelage of Tara Fraser and Tarik Dervish, I completed my extensive 500hr BWY Diploma training in 2017 and have been teaching since 2016. I continue to supplement my training with various workshops by renowned instructors including Peter Blackaby, Donna Farhi, Dianne Bondy, Simon Low, Ray Long, Peter Grilley, J. Brown, John Stirk, and Dr. Peter Connolly.

Outside of yoga, there are those who know me within the dance community. I’ve been involved in Bellydance for over 40 years, specializing in American Fusion Bellydance. I performed with the Amaal Dance Ensemble and Theatre for 15 years in Washington state, established my own troupe, Kadira Noor, in Connecticut, and have performed solos since I was five years old, debuting at George Mosley’s Fantasia Festival in Seattle. My defining musicality, commanding stage presence, and distinctive choreographies have inspired others to describe me as a dancer’s dancer.