Classes, Workshops & Fees

It is important to me to empower students with the knowledge not only of how to modify poses to suit their individual body, but to understand why we do what we do – why the knee is placed a certain way, what results from an exhalation versus an inhalation, where the movement originates in the body. Occasionally I will pause to explain the basic anatomy related to a particular asana so students can carry that awareness with them wherever they engage in a yoga practice. The more they understand, the better-informed students are in deciding what best serves their individual needs, and to make those decisions with confidence.

Sundays – Gentle Hatha Yoga

9:30 to 11:00am

Levels:  Beginner to Intermediate

£8 prepaid min four weeks/ Register for ten classes and get the 10th class free!

£10 drop-in

A nurturing way to end your weekend, leaving you feeling relaxed for the week ahead.  Classes reflect a theme, whether seasonal or philosophical, to enrich the overall experience.  Students who attend entire terms will benefit from a coherent journey, experiencing how our practices can intertwine and have a positive, enduring effect on our lives.

Worried about inflexibility?  Arrive on the mat exactly as you are and join our friendly, non-competitive environment while you gently discover your yoga.

Thursdays – Senior Chair Yoga

11:00am to noon

Levels:  Seniors only


For seniors who may need a little extra support whilst practising yoga.

Improve joint mobility and promote strength from a comfortable seated position.  Athletic seniors will be invited to try chair-supported standing poses.

Discover accessible variations of traditional yoga poses and explore how focusing on the breath can calm the mind and body.

Share time with friends while you relax and renew!

All group classes are taught at:

The Malthouse Studio
38a High Street
Saffron Walden
(formerly the Saffron School of Dance)

Private/ Small Group

There are several options available with a range of pricing to suit individual needs.  Sessions may be 60, 75, or 90 minutes, purchased as a single class, or in blocks of 5 or 10.  Pricing begins at £45 for a 60 min one-off, whereas a block of 10/60min is £35 per class.  Established clients are eligible for discounts.


These sessions will reflect the week’s class theme, but students will benefit from my dedicated attention.


A much more personalised experience incorporating a Dosha quiz to include an Ayurvedic approach to the asanas, meditation, and pranayama practices.

Small Group

The most affordable of the private sessions, and a nice way to spend time with friends!  Perfect for a girlie day, hen party, birthday celebration, anniversary, or any occasion to share some relaxation together.  A single 90 min session for two is £60.  Three friends or more is £25 each.


Bellydance?  That’s right.  Check out my Bio page to learn more about my background.

Come get your shimmy on!  Twice a year I offer the popular Beginner’s Bellydance course for those interested in an exercise class that’s fun and a little bit different.  It’s a great way to spend time with friends!  These six-week courses are £54.  Bring a friend or two for an evening of shimmies, dancing, and fun! Click here to learn more and sign up to be notified about the next course.

Bespoke Bellydance

For the dedicated professional, I offer private sessions to refine technique and expand the repertoire.  I also offer consultations on developing choreographies which enable performers to distinguish themselves from the crowd, including creating fully-choreographed routines for both soloists and troupes with expert musicality and signature movements.  Why strive for ‘good enough’ when you can be outstanding!